Speak Norsk - Norwegian Language Books

Graphic Design


About Speak Norsk:

Speak Norsk is an ambitious team that started with one goal in mind – to make expats fluent in Norwegian! 

Alis, the founder of Uxtremely, has been the primary designer for the school since its inception, overseeing all design-related tasks. This project involved collaboration with the teachers responsible for creating the materials, as well as Huzan Raad, the school’s founder.

About the project:

Learning a language later in life can be a real challenge, especially if you just moved to a new country, and you are already overwhelmed by the new culture and your new job. All the other language schools in Norway have a traditional way of teaching, and they use the same books, which contain old, boring topics.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Develop a modern and visually cohesive design for twelve Norwegian language manuals.
  2. Improve the user experience by creating a logical and intuitive layout.
  3. Enhance engagement and motivation through interactive and immersive elements.
  4. Reflect Speak Norsk’s brand identity and values through the design.


  1. Research and Discovery:

    • Conducted interviews and workshops with Speak Norsk’s team to understand their vision, brand identity, and target audience.
    • Explored the existing language manuals to identify pain points and areas for improvement.
    • Conducted competitor analysis to gain insights into best practices and emerging trends in language learning materials.
  2. User Experience Design:

    • Created a logical and user-friendly structure for the manuals, organizing content based on difficulty levels and language skills.
    • Implemented clear typography and visual hierarchy to enhance readability and ease of navigation.
    • Conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback and refine the design based on user preferences and needs.
  3. Visual Design and Branding:

    • Developed a visually cohesive design system aligned with Speak Norsk’s brand identity, utilizing a contemporary colour palette and modern typography.
    • Utilized engaging illustrations and photographs to make the content more relatable and culturally relevant to students.
    • Created a style guide for the consistent application of design elements throughout all twelve manuals.

Results and Impact:

  1. The collaboration between Uxtremely and Speak Norsk resulted in the successful redesign of the language manuals. The project achieved the following outcomes:

    1. Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned manuals provided students with an improved learning experience through clear navigation, interactive elements, and visually engaging content.

    2. Brand Identity: The design reflected Speak Norsk’s brand values, enhancing their credibility and positioning them as a modern language school.

    3. Positive Feedback: User testing sessions and feedback from students

Quote from a student:

´It doesn´t feel like a school book, it looks like a magazine that you really want to look at´.

Designed by Uxtremely