Gaining a competitive advantage through branding


OAS is a sole proprietorship, registered in Norway, offering services in programme development, quality assurance, policy analysis, research, capacity building, strategic planning, fundraising, programme management and much more! 


Build the branding identity for Osman Advisory Services


  • communicate the complexity of the services
  • show the powerful, but kind side
  • be on top of the competitors



OAS capabilities are diverse and complex,  often adapting to the needs of its clients. This is captured in the logo by the three different shapes, each of them representing the main fields of expertise: social behaviour, fundraising and strategy. 

The circle represents the softer and more welcoming part of the business, according to the psychology of shapes in branding. In the same time, the rectangle offers a sense of reliability and security. However, the corners of the rectangle are kept rounded, to keep a softer feeling, in relashionship with the circle. The middle shape brings up the uniqueness of the brand. As a plus, the shapes, together, resemble with the symbols used very often in research.

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Presentation Materials

As part of the Branding Package, we created for OAS the following materials:

  • Design Manual
  • One Pager
  • Power Point Presentation Templated
  • Word Document Template
  • Business Cards