Speak Norsk -
Designing a Norwegian Language School from Startup to TOP

Graphic Design / Marketing


About Speak Norsk:

Speak Norsk is an ambitious team that started with one goal in mind – to make expats fluent in Norwegian! 

Alis, the founder of Uxtremely, has been the primary designer for the school since its inception, overseeing all design-related tasks.


  • How might we bring Speak Norsk on top of the mind of people who want to learn Norwegian, attract students and gain trust and competitive advantage.


  • Learning a new language as an adult can be a real struggle, especially if you have other duties aside.


  • Rebranding
  • Redesigning Manuals
  • Creating SoMe content and Promotional Materials




Speak Norsk Typeface

Speak Norsk Design done by Uxtremely
Speak Norsk Design done by Uxtremely
Speak Norsk Design done by Uxtremely
Speak Norsk Design done by Uxtremely

Manuals - Case Study

Here and now - the Norwegian language and culture in pictures

Through its design of the manuals for Speak Norsk, Uxtremely builds on the school’s identity as the most innovative and modern language school on the market. The idea is for students to “bathe” in the Norwegian language and Norwegian culture, and based in Oslo, Speak Norsk represents not only a place of learning, but also a lifestyle through its engaging teachers, innovative learning methods and exuberant cultural communication.

Likewise, students should not be met by solid and conservative teaching materials, but rather easily applicable and inviting manuals with a fresh and playful expression.

Uxtremely has preserved a classic aesthetic with neutral colours on the front of the manuals. On the inside, the traditional and modern are often played against each other through, for example, a cosy Norwegian cottage picture as an illustration of a text about cottage life, with the text “my cottage” and a heart scribbled over, as a post on Snap or Insta.

Nature romance, everyday life and the pulsating city life get to stand side by side through a diverse selection of photos, graphics and illustrations that all have something playful, fun and elegant about them.

Thus, these manuals, which are also clearly divided using well-thought-out fonts, colours and details, build on the feeling of being part of something that happens here and now: This language and this culture are right outside the door, and we can go out and become a part of it.

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