Uxtremely has been contracted by Sharefox for nearly six months, to assist with multiple UI/UX assignments. 

About Sharefox:

Sharefox acts as an online store for rental. Sharefox handles everything from digital orders, payment, calendar with availability, inventory, and sales of accessories. Through blog features and activity guides, the software also helps you with marketing that increases revenue for your business.


  •  Construct a well-organized Design System, utilizing an existing Design Styleguide and outdated elements.
  • Create pixel-perfect designs, based on the files received from the UX designer.
  • Collaborate with the project manager and developers on daily tasks.
Screenshot of the previous library with Components

Step 1 - Foundation:

Upon receiving her first assignment from Sharefox, Alis, the designer, was presented with a Styleguide to adhere to. However, upon analyzing the existing pages, she swiftly realized that there was a combination of outdated and updated designs. Additionally, the list of components lacked structure and failed to incorporate updates in accordance with the new designs.

The first step was to create a Foundation: colour codes and text styles.


Step 2 - Components:

  • Designing the visual appearance and structure of your components, based on the Styleguide.
  • Customising the component properties. (component’s size, position, constraints, and properties using the Inspector panel).

  • Modifying the existing component instances.

Daily tasks - examples:

´I had the pleasure of working with Alis on a couple of projects, and I highly appreciate her work. Every time she was presented with a UX challenge, she came back with a well researched and thought through suggestion, that consistently outperformed the other alternatives on the table.’

(Source: LinkedIn)
Marius Giske
Head of Product @Sharefox