Nye Konows Bilvask

Web design and Marketing


About Nye Konows Bilvask:

Nye Konows Bilvask AS is an Oslo-based car wash that has a good reputation in the industry and satisfied customers. They sought help from Uxtremely to design and structure their new website to make themselves more visible online and expand their current customer base.


The client’s strategy is to keep prices low while delivering first-class services and work their way up from there. They wanted a more organic structure on the website that could promote the car wash’s strengths and give customers a clearer picture of who they are, and where one could quickly and easily find all the necessary information. A special wish was a more straightforward layout of prices.

About the process:

Web designer Alis Chetreanu worked with the UX design process, to connect with users and identify their needs, and provide the best possible overall experience of the web service. By talking directly with customers and conducting online surveys, she found that most users search for car service services from mobile, and that price, location and opening hours are some of the first things people look for. The entire structure of the website is based on this as a starting point, and all other information and images are intuitively, but appropriately placed. Alis worked closely with the manager of the car wash to create a logical price list for the services, including the size of the car.

Visual Design:

Alis’s (the web designer) original idea for a car wash company was about the airy and clean feeling and the almost spa-like experience of a freshly washed car. However, after spending more time with the boss and the staff at the workshop, where she talked to the welded team and put them into action, she decided to choose a slightly different approach that would give a more authentic picture of the place. The good craftsmanship, efficiency and stand-up vibe should be the focus of the new design. This is a place where the boss works on an equal footing with the employees, and where his ambitions for the place spread to them. This should appear in the layout. Alis changed the slogan and took new photos and videos. She used the colors from the car wash’s waiting room to create coherence between the place and the website. The idea is that you should get the same feeling of the website that you get from entering the place itself: that here it goes away, here the job is done, and you and your car are in good hands. The final design captures the atmosphere of the place, where the team, which consists of both men and women, shows joy in their subject.

SEO, Speed and efficiency

The copywriter Thea Marie Dolva discovered more about the manager and workplace in order to be able to convey what Nye Konows Bilvask AS stands for through text and bring out aspects that have previously been undercommunicated by the company. Among other things, they have a positive history to refer to, with only registered workers and a generally good and safe working environment that has given them confidence in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. Furthermore, copywriter used SEO searches to find which terms were most commonly used when customers search for car washes and other car services online, and these terms were appropriately placed in the web presentation for increased efficiency and traffic.

The developer Prash Mehra focused on speeding up the site.

Overall, we always focused on the environmental aspect of the website.

Through good and descriptive keywords that make the content easier to find for users and search engines, effective images, vector graphics and green web hosting that requires less power, the website for Nye Konows Bilvask AS has become a greener website with my carbon footprints that score cleaner than 64% of tested websites at websitecarbon.com.

The result:

The new website provides a clearer picture of who Nye Konows Bilvask AS is and what they stand for. The client is satisfied. They are experiencing increased traffic to the car wash, and the number of visitors to the website has increased by 151.43% from the first month.

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