Nor Lines

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About Nor Lines:

Nor Lines offers the market’s most sustainable solutions for the transport of goods.

Nor Lines Norway AS works with the transport of valuable goods by sea and land, and safety and accountability are paramount. Furthermore, the company is concerned about sustainability in the form of environmentally friendly solutions and shipping methods.

* Nor Lines is a direct client of HCL Nordic, and Alis Chetreanu was subcontracted.


  • Design the website based on the company’s energetic profile.
  • Improving the shipping experience.


  • Uxtremely has chosen images that represent the company’s productive image and green values through vital, powerful and powerful landscape imagery with Nor Lines’ ship leaning over the sea at a straight course, or safely docked in port. The pictures give a sense of overview and control. The landscape photographs taken from above show a beautiful, healthy and snowy nature, the colours are cool and northern. The company’s main message appears in clear text blocks in neutral colour shades that are pleasing to the eye.


  • Uxtremely has used a universal font and works according to the Lightning Design System principle where patterns and components are given a uniform language and a consistent look. Alis uses its digital know-how to create an intuitive web layout where the customer gets just enough information to be able to enter the necessary info in one scroll, with easily clickable titles for additional information. She delivered her work to the client in sketch version, whereupon the company itself is responsible for the execution of the design on its own website.
Uxtremely Web Design

work in progress: